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Tiana’s Baby Bump!

Plattsburgh High School vs. Saranac High School, girl’s basketball, circa 2002-2003.   These two teams had a rivalry of sorts, and the gym in Saranac that night was packed with their rowdy fans. 

The Saranac girl’s basketball team was a force to be reckoned with on both ends of the court. Their point guard was a small, quick and feisty blonde who led their unwavering  full court press, keeping constant pressure on the point guard.  Her ability to rattle even the most confident ball handler was uncanny. 

All night she made Plattsburgh’s point guard work for every inch of that hardwood.  Any opportunity she could, she was going for that steal.  And steal she did.  Over and over again. The crowd roared in approval as she turned steals into layups, leaving Plattsburgh’s point guard in a trail of her dust.

You might be wondering why I remember all of that so vividly and here’s why:

Saranac’s point guard: Tiana
Plattsburgh’s point guard: Debbie

As it is often in high school sports, we were rivals and therefore, enemies.  We came face to face that fall at Clinton Community College where instead of enemies, we became teammates, co-captains and friends.

Fast forward over seven years and here we are!  Tiana is by far the cutest little pregnant woman you ever did see!! She’s all belly and absolutely glowing. 

We were able to do a quick shoot before her baby shower back in December.  Her little man is due in just over a week now and I’m so excited to be an Auntie to a baby boy!

Loved those little socks!! We weren’t sure how the toys would work once they actually have feet in them though 🙂

Those moccasins were just too adorable!

And if this last image leaves you without words as it does me, I’ve done my job 🙂

Congratulation again T!! I can’t wait for little man to come out and join the world!

Oh and on another note,


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