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The Sunday Paper: Snowshoeing at Winter Trails Day

Yesterday Jared and I took part in the 16th Annual Winter Trails Day, a national event offering children and adults the opportunity to try out snowshoeing and cross country skiing for free.  The goal of the event is to introduce these activities and their physical benefits to the community.  The last time I wore snowshoes was in elementary school and Jared had never been snowshoeing before!!  So, we piled on the layers (after googling “what to wear when snowshoeing”) and headed out to the Weston Ski Track.  Little did we know, the place doubles as a golf course in the summer!! Talk about a brilliant way to make some money in the winter!

One of our favorite companies, REI, was a major sponsor of the event and provided guided tours.  While we didn’t try cross country skiing, there were a lot of hard core skiers there, training for races and zooming around the track.

Per our google search results, we bundled up with moisture wicking layers, snow pants and hiking boots.

The front of the snowshoes were comfortable but took some getting used to.  Due to the giant metal teeth on the bottom, you really have to walk deliberately, picking up your feet much higher then you would normally.  Dragging your feet could lead to a face plant!

The back on the other hand, were just kind of there.

Rosy cheeks!! I think this was right after we tried running for a bit.  A skier passed us and said we were quite inspirational!!

While there really wasn’t much snow on the tracks, we ventured onto a wooded path to see if it was better.  No such luck as there were more leaves then snow! Oh and apparently Jared was having a Shawshank moment.

All in all, it was a success. Free and fun – you can’t beat that 🙂

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