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The Sunday Paper: For the love of Skip-Bo

I can tell you exactly when the addiction began.  A few years back, my long time friend Cortney was going for her Captain’s license at the Mass Maritime Academy and needed a place to crash.  While the apartment that my sister and I rented was still 45 minutes from her destination, Cortney took us up on the offer and made our couch her home for a few weeks.

I’m not certain of how we decided on playing Skip-Bo, but once we did, there was no turning back.   Every night, for those two weeks that Cortney visited, we played Skip-Bo for hours.  We had our designated seats, I was at the end of the couch, Cortney on a chair and Kathy Ellen on the ottoman, all of us hovered over the coffee table.  We’d sit in practical silence, saying nothing more then, “go” or “your turn”.

There were days that I’d come home from work and find KE and Cortney fully involved in a game and I would be so mad!!  Jealous that they started with out me, and angry that I had to wait for their game to finish before I got the chance to jump in.

The thing we still talk about to this day is when Cortney reached for the draw pile when it was my turn.  She immediately realized her mistake and without even looking up from her hand muttered, “I’m so embarrassed”.  It was the subtlety and honesty of the comment that makes it so memorable and one of our favorite one-liners to this day.

Jared and I decided to bring Skip-Bo back to life around Christmas time.  With all the hustle and bustle that the holidays bring, we wanted to come home from work, relax and spend time together.  What better way to do then than with a card game?!  We played at least three games every night, which usually resulted in Jared winning, which was fine with me.   He’s happier when he wins ;-).

While our addiction has died down a little, we still play a few times a week.  Yesterday we were talking about how we needed to sit down, focus and get some work done.  And we did.  Right after a quick game of Skip-Bo :-).

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