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Sneak Peek: The Campbell-Fountain Family | Plattsburgh NY Family Photographers

Now I know what you’re thinking. You thought we were sneak peeking a family session, right?  Where we usually showcase a fun family portrait, or a shot of just the kids?  Well, when it came down to it, this was the image that stood out the most.  You see, once a child comes into the family and two becomes three, four and sometimes more, the parents often take the backseat to images of their growing and adorable children.  Facebook profile pictures are no longer of you, they’re always the latest snapshot of your little ones.

But, if you take a moment and think back to how your family began, it always starts with two people who fell in love.  And, if you’re so inclined to display that love for one another in your family portrait session, we’ll happily capture it for you.

The love between parents captured during a family portrait session in Plattsburgh NY

Stay tuned for more images from their family portraits!

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