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Sneak Peek: Madelyn is 6 Months! | Baby Photographers in Plattsburgh

Oh Miss Madelyn!  This little beauty was upstate visiting friends and family so her sleep schedule was off, which doesn’t bode well for 6 month olds.  She was happy and smiley all morning and when she arrived at her session, she was borderline meltdown!  Thankfully all it took was a little patience and a favorite toy to keep her from crossing over to the point of no return.  We shot for a few minutes, calmed her for a few more, shot for a few minutes, changed outfits, calmed her back down and the cycle continued until we got enough images to call it a wrap! A few minutes after she was back in her car seat, she was passed right out.  Poor little sweetie needed that nap!

We photographed this little lady’s parents on their wedding day almost two years ago!  Surprisingly enough, this is the first time we’ve photographed a past wedding couple’s baby!

Without further ado, meet Madelyn, the tiniest little 6 month old you’ve ever seen!

baby girl at six months old during session with Jared and Debbie

Stay tuned for more images from Madelyn’s six month session!

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