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Sneak Peek: Lily is 6 months! | Plattsburgh Baby Photographer

I can’t say it enough that I love watching these little babies grow! Lily was a champ for her newborn session back in August and when she came to the studio over the weekend for her 6 month milestone session, she was analyzing me like it was her job! It was the cutest thing as her brow would wrinkle and she’d stare me down with her gorgeous blue eyes, taking in every detail. ┬áMom says she does this to strangers and it makes for some awkward moments when out and about!

She certainly made me work for her smiles which we got plenty of but I just love her little serious face here! Between that creamy skin, those big blues and her pinch-worthy cheeks, I’m in love with this shot!

simple six month pose for baby

Stay tuned for more images from Lily’s 6 month session!

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