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Sneak Peek: Jameson is 6 Months! | Baby Photographer Plattsburgh

Remember this handsome little guy? Well, as much as we hate to admit to how fast they grow, Jameson has been growing like crazy over the last 6 months and came back to see us last week for my favorite milestone!  This age is so fun as they’re not mobile just yet and their personalities really shine through.  Jameson sure loved to rollover, and not just once either! He’d roll, and keep rolling, and rolling, like he was going down a hill! He had me smiling the whole time and I can’t wait to show mom and dad what we captured.

Here’s just a peek!

Baby boy with suspenders and jeans at 6 month session with Jared and Debbie

Stay tuned for more images from Jameson’s six month session!

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