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Sneak Peek: Baby TJ! | Newborn Photographers Plattsburgh

Oh, this handsome little guy.  Baby TJ came to us at 3.5 weeks old, much older than the typical newborns that we photograph.  When we get inquiries for babies at this age it’s so difficult to predict how the session is going to turn out.  Even at just a few weeks old, these little ones are much stronger, less flexible and spend more time awake than they did in their first week of life, which doesn’t bode well for those curly little poses you see on our site.  We let our parents know that we’ll try our hardest to get them asleep and keep them asleep to capture those newborn poses that they so desperately want and if their little one wakes and is calm, we’ll capture awake portraits to round out the session.

TJ did an amazing job for the first part of his session and started to wake and fuss, acting like he needed to be fed again.  All it took was a little soothing and he fell back asleep, and this time he was out like a light!  We even squeezed in an extra prop setup at the end for mom because he was sleeping so soundly.

While this certainly isn’t the norm for babies of this age, you can guarantee that we will try our absolute hardest to capture your baby at their tiniest! And besides, we like a good challenge every now and then!

And with this setup, I fell in love with TJ a little bit more.  That face? In that bonnet? Swoon!  Meet Baby TJ, 24 days new.

Newborn baby boy on blue during session with Jared and Debbie Photography

Stay tuned for more images from his newborn session!

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