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Sneak Peek: Baby Greta! | Newborn Photographers Plattsburgh

What a wonderful morning we had yesterday with Baby Greta and her parents!  She was an absolutely perfect little baby and slept so well for us that we were able to cruise right through her session.  That and we achieved a new pose!  The “head in hands” pose is a very popular one amongst newborn photographers. It’s also very challenging and can not be done without a very sleepy baby and someone supporting her at all times. While we’ve loved this pose for quite some time, we didn’t feel confident enough to try it until recently, after we’ve gained the proper experience and knowledge of newborns that has come with photographing almost 40 babes in the past two years!

Please know that babies can’t hold this pose on their own.  My hands were on Greta at all times, supporting the weight of her head because at just 6 days new, she is not able to do this on her own.  We then edit out my hands by putting two images together, forming what you see below.  Please, please, please do not try this pose at home!

And here she is, beautiful little Greta, 6 days new 🙂

head in hands pose newborn photography jared and debbie plattsburgh

Stay tuned for more images from her newborn session!

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