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Sneak Peek: Abel is 6 Months! | Plattsburgh Baby Photographer

With the slew of 6 month olds we’ve been photographing lately, it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite types of sessions!  At 6 months, babies are so excited to see new people, love to smile and giggle and aren’t ready to crawl yet meaning they’ll mostly stay where we put them! In another six months’ time, all of this will change so we cherish it now and capture those still moments before they’re gone.

Thankfully for me, Abel thought I was absolutely hilarious and gave me endless smiles and expressions for about 30 minutes.  And that’s all we needed for these little ones because they tire so easily!  Is he not the cutest little man?!

baby in fedora during session with jared and debbie

Stay tuned for more images from Abel’s six month session!

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