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Sarah and Matt: Plus One!

We probably could have stayed all day.  A beautiful mother to be, perfect light streaming in through the windows and a home full of picturesque little nooks and crannies had us in a photographer’s heaven.  Sarah and Matt were anxiously awaiting the arrival of their baby and decided to keep the gender unknown until the baby arrived.  When we asked them if anyone was placing bets on boy or girl Matt said, “All I want is a left-handed pitcher.”  Needless to say, this little baby will be an athlete either way!

Love that you can see their wedding album on the coffee table.  The little details around a home can truly make an image sometimes!

Absolute favorite image from the session.  What a perfectly gorgeous bump!

Loved the nursery!

Sarah always winds down with some tunes for baby!  I thought these little earbuds were so cool!

Seriously, is she stunning or what?!?

Happy to report that their handsome little guy arrived in late December!  Baby Colin’s sneak peek can be seen here and his full session will be coming soon!

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