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Newborn Models Needed! | Newborn Baby Photographer in Plattsburgh

I’m often inspired by numerous photographers around the country by their detailed and stunning newborn work.  It’s always at this time of year that they bring these precious babies outside and capture the joy and wonder of a new life in the natural surroundings that they’re blessed with.  While North Country weather is not nearly as predictable as it is elsewhere in the States, I keep envisioning a sweet little baby, all wrapped up on a wooded path, or at one of our many beaches.  The beauty of this place is what brought us back up north and I’d love to bring two of my loves together, newborns and the outdoors, to bring my vision to life.

With the forecast being clear of rain and thunderstorms and temperatures in the mid 80s, this weekend looks to be the perfect time to do just that.  So if you or someone you know just had a baby and you want in on this incredible offer, please contact us ASAP by emailing  Don’t forget to spread the word!

Jared and Debbie Photography Newborn Model Needed in Plattsburgh

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