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My Brother, The Machine

This session has been a long time in the making!!  Billy “The Machine” is my younger brother and a lifelong baseball fanatic.  I can’t even begin to count the hours of catch we’d play in the yard, splitting our time between a softball and a baseball.  Or all of the summer weekends spent traveling throughout NY and VT, as 12 year old Billy was a member of the Malone All-Star team.  All through high school and college, he has played and trained as hard as he could to gain muscle, endurance and strength to get more power behind his fast ball.  Trying to get to the elusive 90mph. He’s currently clocking 88mph.

While he’s gained a few local titles as Wiffle Ball Champion (seriously, can you imagine trying to hit a wiffle ball thrown with that kind of force?), no achievement would be greater than getting into baseball at the professional level.  Whether it’s playing or coaching, baseball will always be a major part of his life.

In less than a week, he will be heading down to the greater New York City area to be a pitching coach for the NYSL Federals, the newest team to join the Independent Professional Baseball CAN-AM League.  Our entire family is so excited for him to have this opportunity to learn and grow and we’re so very proud of his accomplishments.

While we had wanted to do this session outside, the monsoon-like weather we have been getting all week put a damper on our plans.  So we got creative, moved some couches, setup our new off camera lights and got to work!  And, though we may be biased, we’re absolutely floored with the results!


The one on the left is my absolute favorite!  It’s just screaming to be printed onto a 20 x 30 canvas, don’t you think?!?

Second favorite.  The wooden bat is so legit.

On the left you will find the standard Little League pose.  On your right, the old school, Babe Ruth pose.

And we call this one, “The Lady Killer” 😉

Congrats again Billy and good luck!!

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