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Introducing: Baby Matthew!

This handsome little fellow came to us a few weeks later than most of our newborns do!  We like to photograph babies at their absolutely tiniest and sleepiest, which is why we encourage expectant mom’s to contact us in their 8th month of pregnancy!  It’s much easier to chat session details before baby arrives and life becomes far more hectic.

However, we will still absolutely try our best to get some newborn-like poses out of babies who are a bit older, it just takes a little more patience and persistence which we have plenty of!  Capturing them this early is priceless, regardless of whether it was super early on or later in their first month of life 🙂

Baby Matthew had the dreamiest skin and was so alert when he woke up!

Mom brought this Yankees hat to surprise Dad with when he saw the photos!

We tired him out for a few more shots.  I just love how his skin and this blanket play off of each other!

Sweet, sweet baby boy.

Congratulations again to Mom, Dad and big sister on the perfect addition to the family.  We can’t wait to watch him grow!


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