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Holiday Mini Sessions at the NCCCA!

Confession: Up until 3 weeks ago, we were pretty hesitant about running the Holiday Mini Sessions. We’re definitely not traditional studio photographers so the thought of creating a studio setup with a holiday theme had us envisioning cheap mall studio photos.  And that was the farthest thing from what we wanted to create for our clients.

So we went classic and simple, which is totally our style.  A few colorful and timeless props which could double as objects to grab the kids’ attention was a good start.  But right up until the day before we were thinking, “Is this going to look lame?” “Is there anything else that we should have in the background?”

And after deciding we were going to work with what we had, we arrived Saturday to find exactly what we were missing.  Adorable, drooly, running-all-over children.  It’s the beautiful little faces that make these pictures special and everything else is just an enhancement.  I do have to say, that we have some beautiful children in the North Country!

Well what do you think?! Did we pull it off?

And if one of these little munchkins belongs to you, make sure you visit our Jared and Debbie Facebook fan page tomorrow where we’ll be uploading these photos!

Erin B.S. - so much better than mall studio photos! you guys are great!!

Sarah Griffin - These are incredible! I love everything about them! Not at all like “Mall studio” photos! Great job guys!

Sabrina Harrison - These pictures are GREAT!!! Would’ve loved to have you take Holiday pictures of our boys!

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