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Happy Birthday Andrew!

Today is my twin’s birthday!! And no, that does not mean it is my birthday.  Confused yet?

Andrew and I met way back in 2002 when he came into Dunkin’ Donuts to interview for a job.  I still can picture him standing there in his wrinkled orange sweater and jeans, waiting for the manager to come out.  My sister started working at Dunkin’ a few months later and the three of us became a bit of a motley crew.  We had way too much fun serving coffee and donuts to anxious customers on weekend mornings.  

Our regular customers began to think the three of us were all siblings, being that we all got along so well.  Most people knew Kathy Ellen and I were sisters so it probably wasn’t far fetched that Andrew was our brother.  So, we just started telling people that Andrew and I were twins, born 27  days apart (which is in fact how far apart we are).

I still remember the first customer we told.  As Andrew leaned out the drive through window to handover her order, she asked if we were related.  “We’re twins,” Andrew said, “27 days apart.” 

The woman, paused, a bit baffled.  She looked back up at us, as we tried our best to keep straight faces.  

I chimed in, “Yeah, he was just stuck in there a little while longer.”  The smirk on Andrew’s face began to grow and the customer caught us, so we fessed up. 

Just to set the record straight, Andrew and I are 27 days apart, same birth year and we both have completely different parents.  Andrew has definitely become part of our family though, as he’s been like a brother to Kathy Ellen and I for many, many years now.

What’s even better now is that Andrew and Jared are the best of friends.  They’ve moved past their initial encounter (in which Jared was wearing too much cologne and admitted to being a Yankee’s fan – two strikes against him in Andrew’s book) and have grown to be inseparable over the past four years. 

Here is our family portrait outside of the Lake Placid Pub and Brewery back in October of 2009.

And one of my favorite pictures ever of Andrew, on the bridge at High Falls Gorge on that same October day.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TWIN (27 days apart)!!!! WE MISS YOU 🙂

Mike - Happy Birthday Andrew !!

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