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Erin + Andrew, Married! | Pennsylvania Wedding Photographers

It only makes sense that the first full wedding post on our blog is of these two.  Erin and Andrew are celebrating their one year anniversary today and while Jared and I would love to be down in Florida to celebrate with them, we figured a walk down memory lane would be a perfect gift.  Andrew and I go way back to our Dunkin’ Donuts day, when he showed up to his interview one day, and returned the next wearing the same sweater.  He quickly became one of us and even earned his honorary Davis sibling status very early on!  It was way back in this Dunkin’ Donuts days when we were still in high school and then college that Erin and Andrew were just friends.  But we were all rooting for them to be more than that.  And, when the timing was right, they did become more than friends.

Flash forward a few years and it’s me, Andrew and my sister Kathy Ellen, headed to Jared’s apartment on the corner of Broad and Draper. Neither Kathy Ellen or Andrew had met Jared before and though Jared was wearing too much cologne and was a Yankees fan, Andrew approved.  Flash forward four years or so and Jared is getting his online certification to be the justice of the peace at Erin and Andrew’s wedding, and I’m photographing it.

These two had such a blissfully perfect day, full of peace and love and surrounded by those closest to them.  They got married down in Pennsylvania, in the backyard of Erin’s grandparents’ house and Jared and I were so honored to be part of their day.

Erin’s wedding dress!  She didn’t want to wear white, and, as the bride, she can most certainly do what she wants 🙂

Sisters putting on the finishing touches!

Meanwhile, Jared and Andrew were finalizing their wardrobes down at the house.  And yes, we did have to make a special trip to a mall in PA to search high and low to find a bow tie for this momentous occasion!

Here comes the bride, in style!

These next two photos were the perfect way to start the ceremony.  Jared, the Yankee fan, pulled out a Red Sox hat to wear during the ceremony, in honor of Erin and Andrew’s love for each other and the Red Sox!

It was quite difficult, but he pulled it off well!

Mr. and Mrs.!!!!

One of my favorites for sure!

The bride and groom with Andrew’s two sisters!  (aka, Kathy Ellen and I)

Oooooh boy!  You can’t get these two together without these epic handshakes…

…and yes, it’s always this ridiculous!

Twins!! And both married to Andrews… how does that happen?!

The guys going all GQ for us!

LOVE 🙂 Shout out to Kathy Ellen for nailing the shot!

Time to eat! How amazing does that look?!

Where it all began, band class at Peru High School!

Ha!  These two really thought they were going to get away without having a first dance.  Since it was a very informal affair, all the music was playing from an iPod.  So we picked a song and they started dancing as they tried to decipher what it was.  It took them a few minutes to realize it was the Circle of Life from The Lion King but once they did…

…they weren’t too happy (or surprised)!  We’re always playing tricks on these two!

But, they kept on dancing 🙂 Love this one!

Jared wasn’t the only one who made a personal sacrifice for Erin and Andrew’s love that day.  Kathy Ellen, vegetarian extraordinaire, had a meatball in their honor…

… and surprisingly kept it all down!

Quick pig cutting ceremony…

Then we snuck off for some bride and groom shots.  Love so many of these!

Typical Andrew 🙂

I have to apologize for the image on the left being out of focus (one of my major pet peeves) but I just had to post these two of Andrew! So perfect!

We headed back to the house where it was time for cake!  Erin’s grandmother made both of these!  Amazing, right?

Andrew’s aunt read a sweet poem on her napkin and read it for everyone to enjoy!  It was super sweet and I hope that Erin and Andrew have it framed somewhere!

Back outside, where the party officially began.  It was basically a night of karaoke, where someone chose an epic song to play and everyone sang/danced/played along!

Two crazy brothers!

What song was this?!?

And, to top off the night, there was a little Harry Potter sparkler action, followed by a personal fireworks show by Erin’s uncle!  It was so incredible to see everything launched from about 50 feet away and go off right above us.

Erin and Andrew,

We’re so, so happy to have been part of your amazing day.  And, technically, we share an anniversary week!  You guys were truly meant for each other and we can’t wait to celebrate year after year of your marriage.  Hope you had an amazing day together!

Jared and Debbie

Erin B.S. - You guys are so sweet to post this on our special day. It really made my night!! It was such a great day and so much better with you two there. Thank you so much for taking me back! You guys are the best! We love you and can’t wait to see you soon!

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