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Celebrating Four Years!

In the midst of returning from vacation, catching up on emails, laundry and sleep and feeling the strong urge to spring clean every room in our house, we almost forgot that April 1st marked the beginning of our 5th year in business! As I’ve said to many people as they can’t believe it’s only been X number of years, I agree with them but in the aspect that it feels like it’s been a lifetime already!

When we actually stop and think about all the things we have accomplished in the past four years, we kind of blow ourselves away. Rarely do we have the time to reflect on how far we have come yet when we do, we get a greater appreciation for all that we have done, instead of dwelling on all that we have left to do. We started this business on the premise that the modern photography style that we were seeing in Boston (where we lived at the time) and wanted to capture wasn’t really being done in the North Country. So we took a huge risk, left growing Finance careers in Boston, and took the plunge to literally create something out of nothing. And we’re still here. And not going anywhere anytime soon 😉

We still chuckle thinking about how “busy” we thought we were in those first few months. Boy were we clueless as to what busy truly is! I was reminded by that when I looked at our calendar for last year. The busyness of each day grows from yellow to red with each additional appointment that is added. So all of those red days? Yeah, a little crazy! And that’s just client appointments and reminders. (Yes, we do have days off, there are some personal items on the calendar as well!) This doesn’t even fully document editing, emails, phone calls, orders, packaging, marketing, etc. While I felt busy these last few months, all I had to do was look at this and see that I better enjoy the quiet now because the next few months is when it really kicks into overdrive!


2014 Calendar

We really couldn’t have done all of this without every single one of you. You who believed in us when we barely believed in ourselves. You who trusted us with the most precious moments of your life. You who counted on us time after time to freeze your littles just as they are at this very moment. You who told your friends that they can trust us to do the same.

Thank you <3



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