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The Sunday Paper: Momma’s Boy

Most days I love him, but sometimes I can’t stand him.
He makes me laugh and he makes me scream.

There are days that I can’t deal with how cute he is.
And there are days that I can’t deal with him at all.

He frustrates me, angers me and yet still makes me smile.

Sometimes I want to just squeeze him and never let go.
Then there are times that I want to lock him in his kennel and never let him out.

It’s a never-ending roller coaster ride with this dog.  We’re figuring out what works (lots of exercise) and what doesn’t (yelling and repeating commands).  And when it’s good, it’s great but when it’s bad, it’s bad.  Labrador’s have been the most popular breed in America for 20 years and it’s easy to see why.  They’re lovable, loyal and ridiculously cute.  It’s also easy to see why the dog in Marley and Me was a Labrador.  They can be a handful!

Apollo does this thing we call “my face” because I just adore him when he does it.  It’s really a rare sighting, because he has to be laying a certain way and look over his shoulder in order to rest his chin in the little nook created by his hip.  Everytime he does it, it brings the biggest smile to my face and I just stare at his big brown eyes.  All the bad memories fade, and the good ones come flooding back.

I remember that no matter what he does, he’ll always be Momma’s boy.

Sarah - Aren’t furbabies the best photo subjects?! We love taking photos of our pups and they too have their own special faces. Like Molly, she has and extra-frowny face where she juts out her lower lip a tad more than usual. It’s super cute!

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