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The Sunday Paper: Making Our Own Memories

Most people think that as business owners, we live the good life.  Make our own hours, go shopping in the middle of the day, take days off whenever we like, etc.  Well, we thought that too!  When we left our corporate jobs and decided to start out on our own, we thought of all the time we would have to do the things we love in life.  We’d go hiking more, spend more time with friends and family; life would be perfect!

And then reality struck.  As our own bosses, yes, we make our own hours.  Which is usually 14 hours a day.  We fill our calendar with dates and names only to look back and realize we made no time for ourselves.  What we’ve learned over these past few crazy months is that we have to find a balance.  When you’re working for someone else, it’s easy to leave work and be done with that part of your day.  With us, every moment we’re not editing pictures, returning emails and phone calls or placing print orders, we feel guilty.  Guilty that we’re not giving everything we have to our clients.  And let me tell you, that guilt is enough to make you work every night until midnight.

So on Saturday, we were determined to get out and create our own memories at Rulfs Orchard.  We thought we’d just go and pick up a few of the pumpkins that were up by the farm stand until we saw people getting off the tractor ride with huge, gorgeous pumpkins and knew we had to head to the pumpkin patch for the good ones.  Underdressed for the 40 degree weather, we decided to go for it anyway.  Call it a little spontaneity in our schedule-filled lives!

Neither one of us had picked or carved pumpkins since we were kids so we were pretty excited!  That and we finally got a chance to be husband and wife rather than co-workers!

Our fearless leader, Bob Rulfs!

Good picking!


So while those pictures may seem like a simple trip to the pumpkin patch, what they really signify for us is a step in the right direction.  Back to remembering why we wanted to create our own path in the first place.  With each other,  side by side and smiling the whole time.  Ok, smiling the whole time might be a stretch but you get the idea 😉

I can honestly say that this was the first time in a long time that we let go of the guilt and lived our lives, separate of our business.  Just a husband and wife, out picking pumpkins.  And I think you can tell by those smiles that it was just what we needed.

Sarah Griffin - Aww what fun! I completely understand what you are talking about! I’ve needed to take a step back from things too and it’s SO hard not to feel guilty. Growing this baby is helping me get my priorities straight though!

Meagan Jackson - Awww! I love it! You two are so wonderful! I’m glad you had a day two be with one another outside of work! 😉 Love the pumpkin pictures!! Make sure you start scheduling time for one another =-)
we <3 you guys!

Kate Woodward - Loved reading this Debbie & Jared.”The path less traveled”…but at least you’re doing what you love! 🙂

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