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The Sunday Paper: Life as We Know It

As I’m sure most of you have noticed with the lack of posts lately, life is a bit crazy at the moment.  We’ve been back in NY for all of three weeks and still have the majority of our belongings in boxes!  The property that my Dad is constructing is still a major work in progress and we’re chipping away, day by day, at getting it to a livable state.  While it can seem daunting at times with everything else we have going on, before we know it, the house will be completed.  We’ll soon forget that we had our meals on a plastic picnic table before there ever was a dining room.  That we washed dishes in the laundry room sink before the kitchen was built.  So I stopped working, picked up the camera and started documenting.  I can’t wait to look back and see how far we’ve come.

On Sundays, we plan the week ahead so that we can effectively manage our time.  Most days are split between working on the property in West Chazy and working on the business at our temporary office (my Mom’s house) in Plattsburgh where we have internet access.

Snoopy was quite dirty before, but he’s almost entirely gray/brown now.  With the exception of under his collar.  Typical dog!

Apollo modeling where the tile has yet to be finished in the main kitchen/living/dining room area.

Good ol’ alarm clock radio keeps Kool 105 pumping through the house all day.  The sign I’ve had for many years now, and it’s never been more fitting than at this address!!

Doorknobs were a recent, welcomed addition.  And that’s Apollo snooping into the master closet that is currently housing the rest of our boxes.  His toy drawer is just on the other side of that door and he knows it.

PB ‘n’ J is a regular meal these days.  And is it a dresser or a pantry?!? How about both!

Work attire.

More meal choices.  And don’t worry about dirtying the plates!

That little stove currently heats the whole house!  And yes, those are bull horns.  You get used to them!

And the hardest working one of us all always finds a way to sneak a nap in, regardless of whether it’s on his bed, or a concrete floor.  Gotta love those white pads though.  Makes it look like he’s been making the dust!

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