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The Sunday Paper: Apollo’s Winter Wonderland

Since we were still in NY for the Blizzard of 2010, we were thrilled to come home to over a foot of snow (not thrilled to shovel it though!).  While we love the snow and so does Apollo, it poses a whole nother set of obstacles for getting him exercise. Sidewalks aren’t shoveled and walking in the street is not only dangerous, but the salt is really tough on our boy’s paws.

Enter Cunningham Park.  This awesome park (where we also went ice skating) is a little gem in the middle of Milton and just a short drive from our house.  Turn left off the main road and you are instantly transported out of suburbia and into the woods. Wide paths twist and loop throughout the 50+ acres, making it easy to spend at least an hour meandering through the trails.  It has quickly become one of Apollo’s favorite places to play off leash.  He let’s us know he’s excited by whining and groaning until we park the car and let him out!

With a pocket full of treats and the sun setting quickly, I aimed to capture at least a few good shots before it got too dark.

I just had to include this next one.  I mean, look at that face!!

I think the snow emphasizes the white goatee he’s rockin’.  He’s only 4 1/2!

And no, this isn’t how he normally acts in the snow.  He’s usually galloping about, scooping up snow with his mouth and digging for sticks.  But he sits nicely for treats any day 🙂

And the sun sets through the trees…

So tell us, what’s your pet’s favorite way to enjoy the snow?

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