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The Sunday Paper: A Crossword a Day

His spot is in the big brown leather chair, feet outstretched on the ottoman.

Mine is the living room love seat, curled under a blanket.

We settle into our positions, mechanical pencils in hand and open to the next puzzle.  Keeping our eyes away from the page, we look at each other.



Jared and I watched a Netflix movie a few weeks back where the couple had crossword puzzle races each night before bed. We immediately loved the idea and set out to pick up a couple of crossword books for races of our own.  We’ve been doing them for a few days now and while I’m slowly improving, Jared is blowing me out of the water.  We don’t really race per say, since neither one of us has successfully completed an entire puzzle without mistakes.  But it’s a good half hour of trying, followed by a few, “Did you get 31 down?  What about 3 across?”

Eventually we’re stumped, and turn to the back to check our answers.

And while the ads featuring Alex Trebek discussing the rising costs of funeral expense remind us that we’re aren’t likely crossword candidates, we have fun just the same.  And when we’re old and gray, we will proudly be the crossword champions of our senior group 🙂

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