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The Importance of a Single Picture

One image.  All it takes is one image to say so many words.  For me, there were many of those images throughout our wedding day.  Our amazing photographers were Steph Stevens and her then-fiance-now-husband Ben.  The choice Jared and I made to splurge on our wedding photography was so worth it, even in just a select few images.  One image that stood out to me, even from when Steph posted our amazing slideshow, is the one below.

You see, Jared and the guys got ready at his childhood home.  Since we hired two photographers, Ben was covering the guys getting ready while Steph was with me and the bridesmaids.  I hadn’t even thought to remind Jared to get a picture with Hercules, his 13 year old chocolate lab.  Herc’s health had been going down hill quickly, and there were times when we weren’t sure if he would make it to the wedding.  But he did.  It was almost as if he wanted to make sure of it.  Ben snapped the picture below and seeing it for the first time literally brought tears to my eyes.  The excitement in Jared’s face is exactly how I picture him looking the day they brought Hercules home.

Not too long ago, we got the call that we had been dreading though we knew it was coming.  Hercules is now in a better place.  And sure, we have more recent pictures with Herc from a trip we took to Clayton in September.  But this image, the capture of this very moment is what brings me to tears.  Sometimes it’s the little moments that so say much.

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