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The Greer Cicarelli Family

As photographers, we know that the more we work behind the camera, the less likely we are to get in front of it.  I can honestly say that though we capture beautiful images of our clients, its certainly not as easy to turn the camera on ourselves!

Jason and Vanessa are the talented duo behind Greer Cicarelli Photography and know all too well how capturing family moments doesn’t quite work when one of them is behind the camera!  So they gave us a call before their busy wedding season kicked off in order to capture some family photos.  Jared and I were absolutely honored (and a bit giddy we must admit) when Jason contacted us as it’s such a privelege to capture another photographer’s family.  Talk about pressure!!

We spent a sunny afternoon playing in the fields of Point au Roche State Park, picking dandelions, playing games and having fun!

Check out those vintage cameras!  Their little ones are no strangers to picking up a camera or two 🙂

A double dose of adorable!!  Birdie and Bean, as they’re nicknamed, are such energetic little ones and full of imagination (not to mention style!).

It was Jason and Vanessa’s idea to bring the balloons and chair to add a bit of color and it worked wonderfully!! Love when our clients bring props 🙂

We battled a bit of the harsh afternoon sun but I loved this next set on the bridge!

They were counting how many dandelions they had gotten here, “One, two, seventeen, one hundred!”

Love it!

You know it’s a good session when you leave with grass stains and dirty knees!  Jason and Vanessa thank you so much for letting us capture your fun little family. We had such a blast!


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