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The Bigelow Kids

Sometimes just going with the flow gets you the best results.  Sam and I went to high school together and she was the lucky winner of a facebook contest I did a few months back.  Our plans were to take some family shots and then some of the kids, but Sam wasn’t feeling well so we decided to just hangout, let the kids relax and play in the house.

These are the kind of sessions that Jared and I just love.  Capturing the simplest of everyday moments, no posing needed, no fussing kids not wanting to sit still.  Just children being themselves in the comfort of their own home.  It’s these same pictures that I look back and smile at my own childhood – where you can see what the layout in the living room was at the time, how the carpet used to look before it became worn and what toys were scattered about.  A snapshot of life in that very moment which cannot be replicated or duplicated, is at the very center of why we love doing what we do.

I have to start with this picture of Mikayla that Jared captured.  Scrolling through the images, this one stopped me dead in my tracks.  So innocent and sweet with her favorite blankie and Gus Gus in hand. 

The adorable Jayce who so desperately wants to walk!

She loves that blankie!! I was the same way!

Josh and Sam are both such amazing parents!  Jared and I were awed and inspired with how calm their house was with a 2 year old, infant, and baby number three on the way.  

Wardrobe change!! Love, love, love the shot on the right – look at the shoes!

Sam and Josh – thank you so much for allowing us to come in and capture a bit of the everyday with you and the kids!!

Ben - These are great, love the blankie ones.

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