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Countdown to Mr. and Mrs. – Mason Jars and Burlap

With less than three months until our big day, we’re really hunkering down with our wedding plans!! Thank goodness we don’t have a wedding planner because we would have been fired many months ago!!  The one thing that was really holding us back was that we hadn’t nailed down a theme.  Planning a small, backyard, summer wedding wasn’t working with all the fall themes that we were drawn to.  And trust me, I tried to switch our date to the fall!  But with the unpredictable weather in upstate NY, especially between seasons, we decided to stick with our original date and make it work for us.  So we’re going to keep the vintage and rustic feel of a fall wedding and translate it to summer!!

The first few pieces of inspiration were mason jars and burlap.  Once we decided that these two things were going to be a staple of our decor, the ideas came pouring in and our big day really began to take shape.  Can’t wait to share more of the details with you guys!

Cute decor or drinking glass?!? Perhaps both!

The color and texture of burlap is so perfect for us!  It gives that natural, earthy and organic vibe we want, with a touch of rustic chic!

The touch of twine around the top of the mason jar adds that touch of charm we’re hoping to carry throughout the rest of the decor.

Stay tuned for more details!!

85 days until July 23, 2011, the day we become Mr. and Mrs.!

Sarah Griffin - Hey Deb, if you wanna borrow some hearts on twine let me know! I have a lot left over just sitting in a box….you can see them in use here:

Introducing: Baby Colson!

You’ve already seen how cute Sam and Josh’s first two children are, so it should come as no surprise that baby number three is equally as adorable!  He gave mommy an easy job and was born after just six minutes in the hospital!  Though he was a bit early, it was the best birthday present his big sister could have asked for.

Colson James, 11 days old 🙂

What a little dream!

Colson was happiest when swaddled, so we stuck with what worked!

Caught another smile! And I’m sure that won’t be the last time he gives that look on the right 🙂

LOVE baby yawns!  So precious!

Once again, thank you Sam and Josh for having us document these precious moments of your newest addition!  Can’t wait to watch him grow!

The Sunday Paper: Life as We Know It

As I’m sure most of you have noticed with the lack of posts lately, life is a bit crazy at the moment.  We’ve been back in NY for all of three weeks and still have the majority of our belongings in boxes!  The property that my Dad is constructing is still a major work in progress and we’re chipping away, day by day, at getting it to a livable state.  While it can seem daunting at times with everything else we have going on, before we know it, the house will be completed.  We’ll soon forget that we had our meals on a plastic picnic table before there ever was a dining room.  That we washed dishes in the laundry room sink before the kitchen was built.  So I stopped working, picked up the camera and started documenting.  I can’t wait to look back and see how far we’ve come.

On Sundays, we plan the week ahead so that we can effectively manage our time.  Most days are split between working on the property in West Chazy and working on the business at our temporary office (my Mom’s house) in Plattsburgh where we have internet access.

Snoopy was quite dirty before, but he’s almost entirely gray/brown now.  With the exception of under his collar.  Typical dog!

Apollo modeling where the tile has yet to be finished in the main kitchen/living/dining room area.

Good ol’ alarm clock radio keeps Kool 105 pumping through the house all day.  The sign I’ve had for many years now, and it’s never been more fitting than at this address!!

Doorknobs were a recent, welcomed addition.  And that’s Apollo snooping into the master closet that is currently housing the rest of our boxes.  His toy drawer is just on the other side of that door and he knows it.

PB ‘n’ J is a regular meal these days.  And is it a dresser or a pantry?!? How about both!

Work attire.

More meal choices.  And don’t worry about dirtying the plates!

That little stove currently heats the whole house!  And yes, those are bull horns.  You get used to them!

And the hardest working one of us all always finds a way to sneak a nap in, regardless of whether it’s on his bed, or a concrete floor.  Gotta love those white pads though.  Makes it look like he’s been making the dust!

Happy Birthday Apollo!

Confession: We weren’t sure if Apollo’s Birthday was yesterday or today.  We had always thought it was April 10th and celebrated it as such by giving him a bone or special treat.  When he came down with a double ear infection in December, I took the morning off in order to get him to the vet.  A couple hundred dollars later, we left the vet with paperwork and medication in hand.  Upon arriving home and reviewing the paperwork, I noticed his birthday was down as April 11th, 2006.

I quickly sent Jared a text that we had gotten Apollo’s birthday wrong!!  It was the 11th!!

Fast forward four months and around came April 10th.  The birthday mix up had faded from our minds, and we couldn’t remember if what we had always thought (the 10th) was right or wrong!  The paperwork was no where to be found so we asked Apollo.

Jared stood in our bedroom, hands at his side, palms up and slightly out in front of him.

“Apollo, come here buddy!” he said. “I’m going to ask you a question about your birthday.  Is it today? (Jared moved his left hand).  Or is it tomorrow?” (Jared moved his right hand).

Apollo went for the right hand, choosing the 11th!

Solved! Apollo’s birthday is now today!

Then I found his records.  The one’s from the vet’s in MA say April 11th, 2006 and his old records say April 10th, 2006.  Looks like we’ve got a dog who’s celebrating two birthdays for the rest of his life 😛




Introducing: Baby Ronald!

I’m almost certain that there is nothing more precious than a newborn child.  Between their creamy, dreamy skin and tiny fingers and toes, we often catch ourselves just staring at the baby in between taking pictures!  Baby Ronald’s session was just that.  He was an absolutely perfect little model, sleepy the whole time and hardly made a fuss when we moved him.  His Mom and Dad traveled a long and bumpy road leading up to his arrival and Jared and I were honored to capture his first few days of life!

Ronald Antonio, 11 days old 🙂

Do you see that little chin dimple?!?! Beyond precious!!

And for proof of where he gets his good looks from, one with Mommy and Daddy 🙂

Thank you Gladys and Ron for sharing your little bundle of joy with us!! We can’t wait to watch him grow!