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Katie | Senior Model Session

Ms. Katie came to us from her best friend and co-conspirator, Katelyn!  Jared and I met up with them on a Sunday afternoon for another fun Senior Model Session.  We whipped together three awesome outfits for Katie and jumped right in!

Katie is such a naturally gorgeous girl and so very sweet and kind!   Obviously after my own heart, her favorite color is purple!! I mean how cute are those shoes?!?

Quick outfit change and then right back to it!! If Katie happened to leave that cardigan behind, I wouldn’t have said a thing 😉

Adorable much?!?

Love this set!! Hello GORGEOUS!!

Our final outfit and location change!  Katie has been dancing since she was three so we jumped at the chance to photograph her in her point shoes!  Though she hasn’t danced in a year due to a knee problem, she laced up and had no problem nailing these moves!


Seriously, Jared and I are head over heels with Senior Portraits!! I wish I had an ounce of the style that these girl’s have in high school!!

Katie we can’t thank you enough for being so awesome during your session!! You completely rocked those point shoes girl 🙂

If you’re looking for fun, stylish and unique Senior Portraits, let’s chat!  Shoot us an email at and stay connected on our Facebook Page!

Katie | Chazy Senior Portraits | Rock the Dress Session

When Jared and I decided we wanted to dive into Senior Portraits, we knew we weren’t going for the traditional, posed shots that have been the norm for so many years.  We wanted something, fun, modern and fresh and that sparked the idea of our Rock the Dress Session!!

Our Rock the Dress Session is all about getting gorgeous, fun images of you in your Prom Dress.  After all, you spent months looking, traveling to different stores and trying on countless dresses just to find the “one”. Why just wear it for one night?

We could not have chosen a more perfect model for our first Rock the Dress Session! Katie was so awesome!  She woke up at 5am just to do her hair and get ready for our early morning shoot!  LOVE that!!  The second she came out in her dress, she was grinning ear to ear.  It was so awesome to see how excited she was to wear it again!

And might I say, she looks absolutely stunning for 8am on a Sunday 🙂

First stop, frolicking in a farm field!

Let’s all just take a moment to soak in that dress.  ALL. OF. THAT. DRESS!! The ruffles, the beadwork and the COLORS!  So stunning.



Off to the woods! Loving the pink and green combination 🙂

Rustic picnic table + woods + stunning prom dress + Katie = GORGEOUS!

Phew!  That was a lot of gorgeous-ness!

Katie thank you SO MUCH for tromping through the woods and fields in your awesome Prom dress!  You certainly rocked it!!

Any other juniors out there want to wear there Prom dress again for some awesome pictures?!?  Give us a call or shoot us an email!  We’d love to work with you!

Jenn - Katie looks absolutely stunning..I’m giving you guys SOME of the credit, but you had an amazing model! 😉

The Greer Cicarelli Family

As photographers, we know that the more we work behind the camera, the less likely we are to get in front of it.  I can honestly say that though we capture beautiful images of our clients, its certainly not as easy to turn the camera on ourselves!

Jason and Vanessa are the talented duo behind Greer Cicarelli Photography and know all too well how capturing family moments doesn’t quite work when one of them is behind the camera!  So they gave us a call before their busy wedding season kicked off in order to capture some family photos.  Jared and I were absolutely honored (and a bit giddy we must admit) when Jason contacted us as it’s such a privelege to capture another photographer’s family.  Talk about pressure!!

We spent a sunny afternoon playing in the fields of Point au Roche State Park, picking dandelions, playing games and having fun!

Check out those vintage cameras!  Their little ones are no strangers to picking up a camera or two 🙂

A double dose of adorable!!  Birdie and Bean, as they’re nicknamed, are such energetic little ones and full of imagination (not to mention style!).

It was Jason and Vanessa’s idea to bring the balloons and chair to add a bit of color and it worked wonderfully!! Love when our clients bring props 🙂

We battled a bit of the harsh afternoon sun but I loved this next set on the bridge!

They were counting how many dandelions they had gotten here, “One, two, seventeen, one hundred!”

Love it!

You know it’s a good session when you leave with grass stains and dirty knees!  Jason and Vanessa thank you so much for letting us capture your fun little family. We had such a blast!


Katelyn | Senior Model Session

Not even sure where to begin on this session because it totally rocked our world!! Jared and I decided that we wanted to get into Senior Portraits after realizing we could create really fun and stylish images for high school seniors that truly showcase who they are, rather than just the traditional, posed headshots.  We wanted to take our style of fun, creative and fresh portraiture and see how that would translate into Senior Portraits.

Enter Katelyn.  We had just started searching for 2012 Senior Models when we bumped into her and just like that, we had our first model! Katelyn is such a fun loving and easy going girl and we had such a blast capturing these images.   We’re head over heels with so many of them that it was nearly impossible to narrow down which ones should go into this post!

Katelyn had always expressed an interest in modeling to her parents and it’s easy to see why!! She arrived at her session with bags full of clothes, shoes and accessories, just like we had asked her!! We quickly pulled together three different looks and jumped right into the session, on location in Downtown Plattsburgh!

Let me quickly give a HUGE shout-out to Jared!! He captured some amazing images (that I was totally jealous of) and completely rocked the off camera lighting setup throughout the entire session!  This was our first attempt at on location, off camera lighting and I have to say, the results are pretty fantastic.  These next 5 pics are all his!

She looks like a combination of movie stars here but I can’t put my finger on who!!  Either way, she’s gorgeous!

Seriously?  With those eyes?  STUNNING!

LOVE this set!

Caught her in an completely candid moment here and absolutely love this shot.

Another outfit change!! We just HAD to get this dress in there – it was way to cute to pass over 🙂

We were losing light quickly but managed to bump up the ISO and make some light in camera!

It’s been a week since we captured these and we’re still wowed by every image!  Jared and I can happily say that we are definitely going full speed ahead into Senior Portraits!!  Keep up with our Senior Portrait work on our new Jared and Debbie Seniors Facebook Page!

Katelyn we can’t thank you enough for completely ROCKING it OUT!!  Thank you so much for being our first model and bringing your awesome wardrobe for us to work with! We hope you love your images as much as we do 🙂

We’re still on the lookout for other fun, outgoing and creative high school students who are interested in a FREE modeling session with us!! If you’re interested and want to know more, please email us at  We’re only accepting a few Senior Models from each school so get ahold of us ASAP to find out details!

alej keigan - fabulous job!! 😀

My Brother, The Machine

This session has been a long time in the making!!  Billy “The Machine” is my younger brother and a lifelong baseball fanatic.  I can’t even begin to count the hours of catch we’d play in the yard, splitting our time between a softball and a baseball.  Or all of the summer weekends spent traveling throughout NY and VT, as 12 year old Billy was a member of the Malone All-Star team.  All through high school and college, he has played and trained as hard as he could to gain muscle, endurance and strength to get more power behind his fast ball.  Trying to get to the elusive 90mph. He’s currently clocking 88mph.

While he’s gained a few local titles as Wiffle Ball Champion (seriously, can you imagine trying to hit a wiffle ball thrown with that kind of force?), no achievement would be greater than getting into baseball at the professional level.  Whether it’s playing or coaching, baseball will always be a major part of his life.

In less than a week, he will be heading down to the greater New York City area to be a pitching coach for the NYSL Federals, the newest team to join the Independent Professional Baseball CAN-AM League.  Our entire family is so excited for him to have this opportunity to learn and grow and we’re so very proud of his accomplishments.

While we had wanted to do this session outside, the monsoon-like weather we have been getting all week put a damper on our plans.  So we got creative, moved some couches, setup our new off camera lights and got to work!  And, though we may be biased, we’re absolutely floored with the results!


The one on the left is my absolute favorite!  It’s just screaming to be printed onto a 20 x 30 canvas, don’t you think?!?

Second favorite.  The wooden bat is so legit.

On the left you will find the standard Little League pose.  On your right, the old school, Babe Ruth pose.

And we call this one, “The Lady Killer” 😉

Congrats again Billy and good luck!!