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The Sunday Paper: Chicken Feta Quesadillas

So I have a terrible problem with recycling my magazines. I go through them once and add them to the heap of old magazines, only to forget about them for three months.  Then, when Jared nags me about getting rid of my pile, I insist on going through each one, page by page, just to make sure I didn’t miss anything good!

Sure enough, when flipping through an old issue of Women’s Health, I stumbled across a section of easy and affordable recipes. Since Jared had recently mentioned he wanted to try out some new recipes, we tore out the pages and set them aside.  On our next trip to the grocery store, we picked up the extras we needed and made this delicious spin on traditional chicken quesadillas.

4oz Feta cheese
4oz Monterey Jack Cheese
1/2 tsp virgin olive oil
1/4 cup chopped vidalia onion
1/2 cup frozen corn kernels, thawed
1 pinch ground black pepper
1/2 cup diced cooked skinless white meat chicken
4 six inch corn tortillas

Total Prep time
About 15 minutes

Total Cooking Time
About 10 minutes

Two quesadillas

Step One: Combine cheeses in small bowl and set aside.

Step Two: Heat olive oil in a medium saute pan over medium-low heat.  Add onion and saute for 2 minutes.  Add corn and pepper, saute for 1 minute.  Add chicken and saute for 1 minute.  Remove from heat.

Step Three: Spray a large frying pan or griddle with cooking spray.  Warm quesadillas over medium heat for 5 to 6 minutes, flipping halfway.

Step Four: Serve and enjoy!

The feta cheese is a perfect hint of flavor along with the onion and corn, giving this a little something different than the typical chicken quesadilla.  Add a side of rice pilaf and you’ve got yourself a quick and easy meal!

Kudos to chef Jared for nailing the recipe on the first try!

Happy Sunday!

Erin Settevendemio - Debbie,
I would try adding green chiles to the quesadilla. Everything is always better with green chiles.
Or, BLACK BEANS! (my new obsession).
🙂 <3 Erin

Introducing: Baby Josephine!

From the moment we walked in the door, we were taken away by Josephine’s beauty.  After photographing so many handsome baby boys, we were thrilled at the arrival of a perfect little girl!  After spending some time with her, it was easy to see why her parents say they just find themselves staring at her as she sleeps.  She just oozes preciousness!

Josephine Marie, 12 days old 🙂

Doesn’t she look like a little doll! All of her features were just so tiny and perfect.

Beautiful blue eyes!

And Josephine’s proud big brother, Jameson.  I think the good looks run in the family 🙂

It amazed us how calm Jameson was with Josephine.  Besides a quick lick on the cheek, he was totally comfortable just sharing his bed with her.

And I think that little smile shows that she like it too 🙂

Thanks Matt and Deirdre for letting us capture Josephine’s early days of life!

Sarah Griffin - Ahhhhdorable!!! I cannot wait for you to take photos of our baby!

Countdown to Mr. and Mrs. – The Day

The day is almost here.  A day that, almost a year ago, was just a distant idea.  A date selected, set up on a shelf where it sat and gathered dust.  Every so often, we’d pick it up, dust it off and build on it.  It was always in the back of our minds and as the months passed by, the more we took it off the shelf and cared for it.

Kind of reminds me of our beginning.  Started out as complete strangers who just so happened to sit near each other that first day of spring semester finance class.  You, with your baseball hat and air of confidence.  Trying to impress me by inviting me to your lacrosse game that weekend.  Like I was suppose to be impressed.

You didn’t know it then but you know it now.  I’m not like every other girl.  I wouldn’t be impressed that easily by your house party invites and dorm room ways.  Which is why it took you a while to realize I was different in just the way you were looking for.

That summer between semesters we didn’t even talk.  It wasn’t until that fateful day in the gym that you came rushing back into my life. Your freshly buzzed hair made me do a double take as you walked in the doors.  You quickly noticed me smiling at you from the elliptical across the room and came over to say hi.  Told me you and your lacrosse boys had a house this year, and that I should stop by later.

A few days passed and the fall semester started. I was pleasantly surprised to have you show up in two of my classes.  Suddenly, the boy I forgot about all summer was right back in my life, like he was never meant to leave.  And now, I know why.

Tomorrow, I will walk down the aisle and join you at the end. I wonder if the butterflies will return.  Those same butterflies that told me, well before either of us knew it to be true, that you were meant for me, and I was meant for you.


1 day until July 23, 2011, the day we become Mr. and Mrs.!

The 2011 Summer Bucket List!

While making our weekly run to the Post Office in Plattsburgh, the words “Summer Bucket List” jumped out at me as I scanned the free papers and magazines on my way inside.  Per usual, I grabbed the latest issue of The Burgh and opened another bin to find The Press Republican’s Annual Summer Guide titled, The 2011 Summer Bucket List.

Excitedly bringing the magazine back to the car to show Jared, I quickly began ready down the list of 100 activities and adventures to be had in the area during the summer months.  The more I read, the more excited we both came at the thought of getting out and doing some of them!

Alas, a light bulb went off!  Let’s try to complete the bucket list!

Though we are a little late to the party (the guide was published on May 31, 2011) we still have two months to complete as much of the list as possible.  Since July is perhaps the busiest month for us this year (we’re shooting two weddings, Jared’s officiating one, WE’RE GETTING MARRIED and honeymooning), we’re going to chip away at the list and hopefully round out the majority of things in August.  The challenge is to see how many things we can complete before Labor Day, which is September 5th.  So here we are, with less than 10 weeks to try and complete 100 items!

We’re also going to need your help with a few of these so stay tuned for when we plan our luau (#18), a wiffle ball game (#42) and water balloon fight (#81)!

We’re going to be posting our outings in a weekly recap so keep your eyes on the blog for updates on our adventures and outings!  And heck, get out there and try some of these for yourself!


The 2011 Summer Bucket List


1)    See a 3-D Movie
2)    Try out kayaking
3)    Hike two Adirondack Peaks
4)    Plant an herb garden
5)    Ride a jet ski
6)    Visit a local winery
7)    Take an overnight boat trip
8)    See Plattsburgh North Stars football game
9)    Go fly fishing
10) Take a train
11) Visit Echo Lake Aquarium and Science Center
12) Research the Underground Railroad in the North Country
13) Read one book per week
14) Start a bird-watching journal
15) Build a garden pond
16) Go geocaching
17) Go skydiving
18) Throw a luau
19) Get a tattoo
20) Take a day trip to go antiquing in the area
21) Visit an amusement or water park
22) Participate in or attend an open mic night
23) Build a sandcastle
24) Go yard saleing
25) Attend an outdoor concert or festival
26) Volunteer for a local organization
27) Attend an art walk event
28) Take a hot air balloon ride
29) Play a round of golf
30) Go on a spontaneous road trip
31) Shop!
32) Visit Montreal for a day or weekend
33) Lay in the grass and stargaze
34) Spend the night at a Bed and Breakfast
35) Go on a picnic
36) Invite your friends and family over for a BBQ
37) Pamper yourself with a spa day
38) Go to a casino for dinner and some fun
39) Catch fireflies
40) Walk Church Street in Burlington
41) Have a quiet, romantic dinner with someone you love
42) Play wiffle ball
43) Go for a long, scenic bike ride
44) Visit a museum
45) Spend the day next to the lake
46) Do a 5k run/walk
47) Eat a Michigan at a different restaurant each week (10 weeks)
48) Go Boating on Lake Champlain
49) Attend a baseball game
50) Learn a new sport
51) Attend a theater performance
52) Finally give those bags of clothes to Goodwill
53) Go to the county fair
54) Go for a walk after dinner
55) Play a game of miniature golf
56) Attend a spin class
57) Go to your local library
58) Check out AuSable Chasm
59) Visit Petting Zoo
60) Go camping
61) Go berry picking
62) Watch fireworks on the 4th of July
63) Have a pool party with your friends
64) Play outside in a rainstorm
65) Turn off the lights and watch a lightning storm
66) Explore some of our local history
67) Fly a kite
68) Skip rocks behind McDonalds on Margaret Street
69) Learn to waterski
70) Take up photography
71) Go to the top of Whiteface Mountain
72) Make homemade ice cream
73) Climb a tree
74) Take the kids to the playground
75) Have a campfire to roast marshmallows and make s’mores
76) Snorkel or go diving in Lake Champlain
77) Go white water rafting
78) Make your own popsicles
79) Play a game of tennis
80) Plant a tree
81) Have a water balloon fight
82) Make sidewalk or driveway art with chalk
83) Eat a watermelon
84) Take in a sunrise
85) Watch a parade
86) Do yoga outside
87) Learn to hula hoop
88) Have a scavenger hunt
89) Go to a service at a house of worship that you don’t belong to
90) Learn to ride a skateboard
91) Spend the day with your dog
92) See a local auto race
93) Take sailing lessons
94) Try a local microbrew
95) Clean out those closets
96) Try a new recipe
97) Buy yourself flowers
98) Eat dinner at a place with lakeside dining
99) Have a garage sale and finally get rid of your stuff
100) Take pictures of you doing you bucket list items and make a special photo album

Happy Summer everyone!!

Kathy Ellen Davis - I look forward to helping with scavenger hunt, campfire with s’mores, and garage sale. Also, I can design the tattoo you will apparently be getting…

Introducing: Summer Mini Sessions!

With summer already underway, what better time is there to get some fresh pictures of the kids?! We know that the summer months are by far the busiest and that most families don’t have time for a full photo session.  So, we’ve made it simple with our Summer Mini Sessions! During July and August, we will be offering short 20 minute themed photo sessions.  All you have to do is have the kids dressed and ready to have fun and we’ll take care of the rest!  Our goal is to get a handful of fresh images of your little ones and create a fun experience to have their true personalities shine through.

The $30 session fee includes:
20 minute photo session in Plattsburgh
8-10 retouched images viewable in an Online Gallery
$10 off your Print Order!

Our July Mini Session Theme is Little Lemonade Stand and will be running on the following dates:

Tuesday, July 5th
Thursday, July 7th
Tuesday, July 12th
Thursday,  July 14th

All sessions take place during the evening’s golden hours of perfect light, between 6pm and 7:30pm.

Check out our setup from our marketing shoot!

We had the adorable Carter model for us and he had such a blast!

And yes, silly faces are acceptable!

Limited sessions are available so please contact us ASAP to reserve your spot!  We look forward to hearing from you!

PS: Keep an eye on our fan page for details on our August Mini Session Theme!  Our fans have first dibs on session slots, so head on over and “like” us to be in the know!

Lorrie - LOVE your pictures. Baby Colin’s grandmother Beth is a friend of mine. Of course his pics are adorable. I also enjoyed the fall “Rulf’s” pictures. I would like to know more about your upcoming mini sessions.