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Isabelle’s 1st Birthday!

I just uploaded these to facebook and I couldn’t help but share them here as well.  For those of you who followed my old blog, you know that Isabelle is my darling little god-daughter.  She had a Dora themed 1st birthday party back in October and I was able to capture all of her crazy faces when she dove into her cake!

This is the “Mom are you really sure I can do this?” look!  She was so hesitant at first!

Going for it!


The one on the left is a Facebook favorite!

Might be feeling a bit nauseous here but still rockin’ the cake infused mohawk!

The one on the left is my absolute favorite!! So stinkin’ adorable!

All this adorable cake goodness reminded me of a picture of myself, circa 1986.  This is one of two baby images that I actually have down here in MA so I had to upload it!  I assure you that my love of  ice cream cake has not faded.

Which image was your favorite?

Kathy Ellen Davis - And Debbie still makes that face to this day when eating cake or related products. I think the translation is: “This is my cake, and as long as you understand that, you can take as many pictures of me as you want. But if you try to eat it……”

I think you can finish that as you see fit.

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