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Introducing Hartlynn and Addie! | Twin Newborn Photographer in Plattsburgh

These two sweeties absolutely stole my heart when we first met them!  I’m so glad we started the session with the two of them together because once we got going, they took turns eating and sleeping and once one started to wake, the other passed out.  I’m not sure how parent’s of twins survive those first few weeks but boy does it take a lot of work!

I’ve seen these little ladies a couple of times since they’re newborn session and they’re already so big and expressive.  Mom and Dad say they are just the sweetest and most content babies, that when one cries, the other doesn’t seem to mind and they wake just once in the night for a bottle.  Seems to me that they’re ready for three the next go round!

Meet Hartlynn and Addie, at 18 days new.  Hartlynn is the blonde and Addie has is the little brunette! I can’t wait to see these two for their 6 month session in a few more months!  Oh what fun we’ll have!

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