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Happy Birthday Apollo!

Confession: We weren’t sure if Apollo’s Birthday was yesterday or today.  We had always thought it was April 10th and celebrated it as such by giving him a bone or special treat.  When he came down with a double ear infection in December, I took the morning off in order to get him to the vet.  A couple hundred dollars later, we left the vet with paperwork and medication in hand.  Upon arriving home and reviewing the paperwork, I noticed his birthday was down as April 11th, 2006.

I quickly sent Jared a text that we had gotten Apollo’s birthday wrong!!  It was the 11th!!

Fast forward four months and around came April 10th.  The birthday mix up had faded from our minds, and we couldn’t remember if what we had always thought (the 10th) was right or wrong!  The paperwork was no where to be found so we asked Apollo.

Jared stood in our bedroom, hands at his side, palms up and slightly out in front of him.

“Apollo, come here buddy!” he said. “I’m going to ask you a question about your birthday.  Is it today? (Jared moved his left hand).  Or is it tomorrow?” (Jared moved his right hand).

Apollo went for the right hand, choosing the 11th!

Solved! Apollo’s birthday is now today!

Then I found his records.  The one’s from the vet’s in MA say April 11th, 2006 and his old records say April 10th, 2006.  Looks like we’ve got a dog who’s celebrating two birthdays for the rest of his life 😛




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