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Countdown to Mr. and Mrs. – The Engagement Story

August 15, 2010 was an absolutely gorgeous day.  We were up in Plattsburgh, enjoying a mini vacation and, per usual, decided to head up to Point Au Roche State Park first thing in the morning.  It’s one of our favorite gems in the North Country and Apollo‘s most beloved play place.  Between the trails, trees and water, he’s in dog heaven and frankly, so are we.

Before leaving the house,  Jared filled up his Camelbak backpack, which I thought was a little odd, but he simply said he might get thirsty and wanted to bring it along.

We arrived at the park and started along our usual loop.  The whole time Jared is giving me the sweetest look with his eyes and has the happiest smirk/smile on his face.  Not that he usually walks around frowning, but this struck me as a bit off because he was on the verge of giddiness.   Ok, I remember thinking, he must be really happy.

About thirty minutes in, Jared was throwing the tennis ball for Apollo and in Apollo’s typical “I’m a retriever but I really don’t like to retrieve” fashion, he decided to stop fetching it.  So, I casually picked it up and asked Jared to turn around so I could unzip his backpack and put the slobber filled tennis ball inside.

“No, let me do it,” Jared said as he swiftly turned to take the ball out of my hands, denying my access to the backpack.

“Ok,” I said, again thinking it was a little strange but shrugged it off just the same.

As we approached the end of the trail, Jared ventured out to long point, where the trees give way to a rock ledge that’s the perfect seat for two.  In my typical “I must get a picture of everything” fashion, I stepped out on the rock face below that leads into Lake Champlain and snapped a picture of my boys.

Jared beckoned me to come sit with him so I made my way over.  There was a perfect breeze coming off the water and as I sat down, Jared looked me in the eyes with the widest smile I’d ever seen on his face and told me he loved me.  I then noticed his left hand was mischievously behind his back and as I looked up to his face, he was already on one knee, asking me to marry him.  The tears of absolute joy and happiness streamed immediately from my face as I choked out a yes, grinning and laughing as Jared wiped the tears from my face.  Apparently Apollo was in agreeance because he barked the whole time!

(yes, those are my puffy “I’ve been crying eyes”)

We walked the trails back to the car, hand in hand, grinning ear to ear, realizing the love we thought couldn’t get any stronger just did.  And suddenly, him carrying the backpack didn’t seem so odd after all.

130 days until July 23, 2011, the day we become Mr. and Mrs.!

Sarah - Aww! What a cutie-cute story! I always love hearing about people’s engagement stories.

Jenn - We love Point Au Roche! My boyfriend grew up in Champlain, and it is his favorite spot:) Congrats–I love your website and your photography. You actually just photographed my boyfriend’s cousin, Katie, in her prom dress…looking forward to seeing the rest of the pictures!

Filly - I sure do love this story<3

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