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Countdown to Mr. and Mrs. – The Day

The day is almost here.  A day that, almost a year ago, was just a distant idea.  A date selected, set up on a shelf where it sat and gathered dust.  Every so often, we’d pick it up, dust it off and build on it.  It was always in the back of our minds and as the months passed by, the more we took it off the shelf and cared for it.

Kind of reminds me of our beginning.  Started out as complete strangers who just so happened to sit near each other that first day of spring semester finance class.  You, with your baseball hat and air of confidence.  Trying to impress me by inviting me to your lacrosse game that weekend.  Like I was suppose to be impressed.

You didn’t know it then but you know it now.  I’m not like every other girl.  I wouldn’t be impressed that easily by your house party invites and dorm room ways.  Which is why it took you a while to realize I was different in just the way you were looking for.

That summer between semesters we didn’t even talk.  It wasn’t until that fateful day in the gym that you came rushing back into my life. Your freshly buzzed hair made me do a double take as you walked in the doors.  You quickly noticed me smiling at you from the elliptical across the room and came over to say hi.  Told me you and your lacrosse boys had a house this year, and that I should stop by later.

A few days passed and the fall semester started. I was pleasantly surprised to have you show up in two of my classes.  Suddenly, the boy I forgot about all summer was right back in my life, like he was never meant to leave.  And now, I know why.

Tomorrow, I will walk down the aisle and join you at the end. I wonder if the butterflies will return.  Those same butterflies that told me, well before either of us knew it to be true, that you were meant for me, and I was meant for you.


1 day until July 23, 2011, the day we become Mr. and Mrs.!

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