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Business Cards!

We were in our usual spots.  Jared on the floor, using the couch as his backrest and I was on the opposite side of the coffee table, shuffling the deck of Skip-Bo cards.  All it took was some small talk through one round of play and by the time a winner was declared, we had our business card design!

That was back in the first few days of 2011 and it took us a couple of weeks to actually take our idea to the computer and bring it to life.  The first round of business cards we ordered had the wrong finish and weren’t pre-creased.  Luckily it was just a few clicks of the mouse to change those errors and viola!  Our business cards were perfecto!

And the inside!

We’re going to be designing a few more cards with different images, highlighting the various areas of photography that we’re involved in.  Just have to sift through our files to find images that matches our brand as perfectly as the one above!! We’ll keep you posted 😉

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