Sneak Peek: Baby Will! | Newborn Baby Photographer Lake Placid

I’m so excited that Baby Will and his family made the trip all the way from Lake Placid to visit me over the weekend! This little guy is just surrounded by love and his two older brothers are the perfect role models for him. I’ve been around a lot of kids and I can tell that Parker and Andrew are kind, smart and thoughtful children which only means that they’ll continue to grow into kind, smart and thoughtful young adults.  A+ goes to Mom and Dad for raising such wonderful boys!

And here they are, the perfect trio. Parker (6), Will (12 days) and Andrew (8).

Three brothers sibling pose with newborn Jared and Debbie Photography

Stay tuned for more images from Will’s newborn session!

Sneak Peek: Oliver is 7 Months! | Baby Photographer Plattsburgh

After all the fuss that this little guy gave me during his newborn session, Oliver had no choice but to be a peach for his 7 month milestone! And he certainly was:-)Mom and Dad said he’s just the happiest baby and he truly is! I even got some baby giggles out of him which is basically the best sound on the planet!

Here’s just a peek at this little Gerber boy!

7 month old baby simple photo Jared and Debbie

Stay tuned for more images from Oliver’s milestone session!

Sneak Peek: Baby Elizabeth! | Newborn Photographer Plattsburgh

I could just smooch Elizabeth she was so sweet! With a week full of newborns, she was my best sleeper and I wrapped up her session in just over two hours! It was so great to catch up with her parents and her adorable big brother, who I also photographed as a newborn. I love when new siblings arrive and we get to play the comparison game with their little faces to see how much they look alike!

Here’s just a peek at pretty little Elizabeth, 10 days new.

Baby girl during session with Jared and Debbie Photography

Stay tuned for more images from Elizabeth’s newborn session!

Sneak Peek: Baby Autumn! | Baby Photographers in Plattsburgh

What a sweet little girl Autumn is! She was such a good baby for me and while she kept most of her smiles from the camera, I was quick enough to catch a few! While I don’t photograph many 3 months old because it’s a tough age since they aren’t strong enough for a variety of poses, mom and dad wanted to capture her before she got any bigger.  I so wish I could have met her right after she was born as she was teeny-tiny at a little over 4lbs and just 18 inches long.

Here’s just a peek at spunky little Autumn, 3 months old.

Smiling baby girl during session with Jared and Debbie

Stay tuned for more images from Autumn’s session!

Sneak Peek: Baby Lucas! | Newborn Baby Photographer Plattsburgh

Lucas was an absolute dream for me! He has the most amazing Yankees mural in his nursery that was made by his talented grandma so we in turn did a Yankees inspired newborn session! Lucky for me, I just so happened to notice a crate full of baseballs in my brother’s trunk over the weekend. With those, a few Yankees hats, wooden bats and a catchers glove, I had the perfect props at my fingertips.  While I love looking elsewhere for inspiration when it comes to prop shots, I simply used my own mind for this one! I mean, if we can’t trust ourselves as artists, how can our clients?!

Anyway, I still can’t believe that Lucas settled right into a deep sleep in these baseballs! He must be a true Yankee fan from birth:-)

Meet Baby Lucas, the ultimate Yankees’ fan, 16 days new.

Newborn Baby Boy in baseballs Jared and Debbie Photography

DISCLAIMER: Before everyone goes out and puts a brand new baby in a bucket of baseballs, please know that there was a towel under Lucas to provide a soft and comfortable spot for his body.  The baseballs that are most visible were placed there after he was soundly asleep. Mom was barely out of the frame and we were both ready to soothe Lucas in the blink of an eye. Do not try this at home!!!


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